Water service and boil water update

Feb 20, 2021

Update Wednesday, Feb. 24: All boil water notices have been lifted as of Feb. 22.

Update Saturday, Feb. 20: The boil water notice is still in effect. Samples taken throughout the system (except Florence), are awaiting results to be able to lift boil water notices. Samples take 1-2 days for results. Notices will be updated when the boil water notice is no longer in place.

A boil water notice remains in effect for selected areas of the Georgetown Water Utility with some customers without water service. See the area effected by the boil water order on the water outage map. The utility has made progress with major leak repairs and is currently refilling the system. Customers should continue to conserve water, using only what is absolutely necessary until the system is recovered and the boil water notice is lifted.

The capacity of the water system is still impacted by loss of pumping capacity due to subfreezing cold and icing. Water utility employees are working continuously to repair impacted equipment to restore the system to full capacity.

With the repair of major leaks, the refilling of the system has started. Customers in areas with no water service may see a slow return of water pressure with some air in the water lines. Air can be released by slightly opening a single faucet to vent the air.  Customers should use caution when flushing toilets when air is present in the system as the air can cause pressure fluctuation and impact the toilet fill valves.

As the system recovers, customers should continue to conserve so that the entire system can be filled as rapidly as possible. This will allow the proper samples to be taken, analyzed, and communicated to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality so that the boil water notice can be lifted.

Due to the vast service area of the utility, customers can also be helpful by notifying the utility of any water leaks that they see by calling 512-930-3640 or sending an email to leak@georgetown.org.

The boil water notice remains in effect for portions of the service area. Utility system repairs continue with refilling of the system in progress.  Customers should continue to conserve while this system recovery is in progress.

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