Prop 1 Street Maintenance Sales Tax Election Final Results

Nov 4, 2014

Georgetown voters approved Proposition 1 for the street maintenance sales tax with 83 percent supporting the measure according to final results. Prop 1 is for the reauthorization of a dedicated 0.25 percent sales tax for street maintenance in the City of Georgetown.

These are the final unofficial results for Georgetown Prop 1 from Williamson County Elections:


Votes: Percent:
For: 14,604 82.45
Against: 3,109 17.55

Georgetown voters initially approved the sales tax for street maintenance in 2002 by 57 percent of the vote. The sales tax was reauthorized in 2006 by 72 percent of the vote and in 2010 by 80 percent approval. The sales tax must be reauthorized every four years according to state law.

To see a complete November 4 election results, go to

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